We’ve had so much fun creating beautiful décor items with our mouldit© silicone moulds.

You don’t need to spend a whole lot of money to create something beautiful – be creative and let your mind go…

This tutorial is about upcycling an existing hand printed cutting board to a functional dishcloth wall hook.

Here we go step by step!!

Choose your mould and plan your arrangement of the embellishments you are about to create. In this case we have decided to use the mouldit© MI 002 – Vintage 1 silicone mould.

We have planned our layout on the board and decided to create one of each design. Using air dry clay you need to knead the clay over and over until it becomes warm and pliable. Now you can push the clay into the cavities smoothing them down and neatening up the edges.

That ensures a neat embellishment when you pop them out.

Drying in moulds will minimize warping if your embellishments are going on a flat surface. However keep in mind this takes longer to dry.

Keeping the moulds in a cool dry place while drying will minimize cracking but we like these qualities for a distressed, authentically vintage look.

Place your embellishments on the board as you planned the layout.

For this project we painted our embellishments first as we wanted to keep the hand printed boards background unchanged, allow paint to dry then stick them down with wood glue.

We added two small door knobs to serve as the hooks our dishcloths would hang on.

Isn’t it just beautiful?? And it is functional too!!

Products used for this project:

  1. mouldit© silicone mould MI 002 – Vintage 1.
  2. We used an existing hand printed cutting board but any board will do
  3. Dala air dry clay was used for this project it is available at most craft shops
  4. Glue (we used cold glue wood glue for this project)
  5. Paint (Black and Pale Gold from Dala craft paint available from most craft shops)

We enjoyed sharing this décor idea with you keep an eye on our mouldit© face book page as we will be adding new hand crafted moulds to our range regularly.

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