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Thought that creating a new photo frame or special prezzi box or that trendy décor item is done by professionals in a factory? Think again! I’m going to guide you, step by step, how to have lots of creative fun at home by using our mouldit© silicone push moulds.

The mouldit© face book page is your guide to a variety of push moulds that will open up a world of opportunities to zoosh up just about anything you can think up in that creative brain of yours in a few easy steps. New moulds will be added on the Face book page regularly so keep an eye on mouldit©

But let me tell you how to use them.

Step 1: Pick your mould on the mouldit© face book page. I chose a wooden book box to decorate and our MI 001-Poppy Flowers silicone mould to guide you through this creative process.

Step 2: Use a brush and lightly dust the mould cavities with cornstarch. This will ensure that the clay pops out easy.

Step 3: For this project we recommend air dry clay. Push the clay firmly into the mould cavities, work it down neatly that ensures a quality cast.

Step 4: Pop the clay from each cavity.

Step 5: Glue the clay items onto your décor item. Keep in mind that, while the clay is moist, you can bend the clay to create more dimensions on the décor item. This picture shows the wooden book box with the clay forms glued.

Step 6: Now this is my favorite part! Start painting!

“I love how the moulds make this piece pop. They give it a little drama and a little elegance. They’re just what this wooden book box needed!”

We had loads of fun showing you how to create with our mouldit© silicone moulds! Watch out for more easy tutorials for décor ideas on our mouldit© face book page.

Our shopping list for this wooden book box project is as follows:

  1. Mouldit© silicone mould MI 001 – Poppy Flowers
  2. Wooden book box (a variety of blanks are available from most craft shops)
  3. Air dry clay (a variety of air/ polymer clays are available from craft shops)
  4. Glue (we used cold glue wood glue for this project)
  5. Paint (Sheriff’s Stone and Sweetness from Tjhoko paint was used for this project)

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