Today seems like a good time to share some inspiration with all of you beautiful people.

My partner in crime was busy creating one of our new mouldit© silicone mould designs when all of a sudden I knew exactly what I was going to embellish with this new creation!! I could not wait to get my hands on the new mould to try it out, and now I have it and I am going to share it with you as I go along – I cannot contain my excitement!!

I have been sitting with these precut A4 and A5 frames not knowing what I wanted to do with them for a while… well here we go I am sharing as I go along so you can have your very own made by “YOU”.


  1. mouldit© silicone mould MI 003 – Vintage 2
  2. Dala Air dry clay
  3. Wood glue
  4. Granny B’s Old Fashioned Chalk Paint
  5. Frame old or new

We are going to use mouldit© silicone mould MI 003 – Baroque 1.

The neat thing about these moulds are you can use them with so many different mediums.

I needed an elevated effect on the frame and my handy partner helped me to create that by adding a half round to the outside edge of the A4 frame.

For my project I am going to use air dry clay, they are available from your local craft store and there are a few different ones to choose from. Let’s get started!

I created sixteen castings with the clay for the A4 frame and eight castings for the A5 frame.

While the clay is still moist, just glue it directly to your piece. By doing this step while the clay is still moist, you’re able to bend the casting to fit the curves of your frame (or whatever you’re working on)

Please note a few facts:

The nature of the air dry clay is to crack and warp as it dries but there are a few helpful tips to keep that to the minimum.

  1. This takes a bit longer to dry but you can keep the clay in the moulds while drying and that will minimize the warping effect
  2. Minimize cracking by allowing to dry in a cool dry place
  3. Gluing while your mould is still moist lets you shape your mould if your surface is not flat and that also minimizes warping.

Don’t stress to much if above mentioned does happen just play on as at the end it will add to the charm of the baroque style.

Here is the frame with all of the castings glued into place.

Once all the embellishments are dry, paint the entire piece.

I used Granny B’s Old Fashioned Chalk Paint to create the desired paint effect.

I love how the moulds make this piece pop

We will be adding to our range of hand crafted moulds watch out for more tutorials on our face book page

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